Doug Halsey

“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.” – Stephen Covey

About Me

“Whether it’s capturing the attention of an external audience or motivating your workforce, it all begins with a person who has a vision.” – Doug Halsey

I have over 26 years of experience transforming ideas into reality.  With know-how in network television, government and corporate public relations, radio, and multimedia, I work with my clients to deliver their message on target, on deadline and on budget.  Throughout my career I have endeavored to be the best in all aspects of video production, while others in my field specialize in one specific area. I quickly learned to apply various and complex video production principles by analyzing and evaluating the components of each principle and then synthesized the parts to create new methods. Through this understanding, I have been able to lead my teams beyond their initial aspirations and consistently create high quality products.

I’m searching for a position that would allow me to make a difference far beyond the individual projects that I am currently a member of.  This “position” will allow me to be a role model for others in the organization; demonstrating that creativity, technical ability and excellence has responsibility and rewards. It will allow me to be an example in how going beyond the typical role of a video production specialist (which is divided into many areas such as: director, producer, videographer, editor, etc.) and that becoming a highly skilled generalist of multimedia, provides more opportunities and flexibility in this ever-changing technological field.

My goal is to be an innovative leader and build lasting relationships that help develop each of my employee’s skills while also developing an atmosphere for greater teamwork so that we can better support the organizations mission.  The blended education model utilizes the multimedia field to support the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner. It is a powerful informational and educational tool. I believe that any organization wanting to improve quality, employee engagement and better training will be utilizing the blended model of education.  This is because it is instrumental to learn and utilize these tools if the organization wants to move forward in supporting classroom, online and practical training environments.

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